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Tree Surgery

Proffessional Tree Surgery & Arboricultural Services

Tree felling, canopy thinning, crown lifting, reductions, dismantling & deadwood.
We undertake all aspects of tree surgery.

Tree Surgery

Tree Removal

There are different ways in which to remove a tree. The simplist way is to straight fell (cutting the tree from the base) and then clearing it up afterwards.
Unfortunately, it's not very often a tree can be felled due to its placement or limited space therefore we would remove the tree using section dismantling techniques.

Tree removal is often necessary when a tree is dead, diseased, damaged, or poses a safety hazard to people and properties. We use techniques to safely and efficiently remove trees, taking into account factors such as the tree's size, location, and surrounding environment.

Tree pruning is a crucial process that involves selectively removing branches or parts of a tree to improve its health, appearance, or safety. Pruning can help a tree grow stronger and healthier by removing diseased, dead, or damaged branches, allowing more sunlight and air circulation to reach the tree's canopy, and promoting new growth. Pruning can also improve a tree's appearance by shaping it, removing unwanted branches or limbs, and maintaining a desirable size or shape. In addition, pruning can enhance the safety of a tree by removing hazardous branches that could fall or cause damage during a storm or strong winds. However, it is essential to perform pruning correctly, as improper pruning can damage a tree and lead to its decline or even death.

Pruning, Thinning & Reductions


Pollarding is a pruning technique used to maintain the size of a tree by cutting off its branches and limbs to a certain point above the trunk. The process encourages new growth and creates a dense, bushy canopy that can be useful for shade or ornamental purposes. Pollarding is often done to control the growth of trees in urban areas or to prevent them from obstructing power lines or other structures. However, pollarding should be done by a professional arborist as it can be harmful to the tree if not done correctly. Additionally, not all trees are suitable for pollarding, so it's important to consult with an expert before attempting this technique.

Emergency Tree Work Undertaken

Clearance of a wind blown tree

Pruning of a Copper Beech

(Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea)

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